Limbux Hydrated Lime

The Limbux range includes a comprehensive choice of high quality hydrated lime with different chemical and physical characteristics to suit any application. Sold in bulk or packed bags.

Our range of high performance hydrated lime is made from a selection of quicklime. This enables us to offer a variety of high purity, quality and efficient hydrated lime with differing chemical and physical characteristics suitable for many applications. Hydrated lime, also referred to as calcium hydroxide {Ca(OH)2} or slaked lime, are typically used in drinking water and waste water treatment, acid neutralization, chemical manufacturing and other environmental applications.

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  • Quality assured
  • High purity
  • Consistent chemistry
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower residual pressure and yield
  • Safe handling and storage
  • Range of grades to suit different applications

Standard chemical grade for a wide range of process applications

Limbux NE
Specially made for use on dimension-critical hardened formulation products

Limbux HE
Developed for use in flue gas treatment

Limbux Extra
High reactive hydrated lime for more specialised or demanding processes

Limbux High Surface Area Lime
An innovative “higher reactive” hydrated lime for flue gas treatment

Limbux Trulime
For building and construction materials, effluent and wastewater treatment and general applications

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