Customer services

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do and has been, ever since our company was formed following the amalgamation of 14 like-minded lime and limestone companies in 1891. Whatever you need, you can rely on our support every step of the way. We are continually improving our data warehousing and SAP systems to meet new customer demands. And, our customer service team are empowered to deliver with speed, accuracy, and certainty.

Choosing the right lime solution

Choosing the right lime solution, and ensuring it is applied in the correct quantity, is essential whatever the application. With over 30 years’ experience of providing solutions for businesses of all types and sizes, across a diverse range of industry sectors, no one is better placed to help.

If you’ve got a question about an operational issue, need advice on improving plant efficiency, or want to talk to someone about reagent consumption, our technical support team is never more than a phone call away.

Onsite and offsite support services

Our onsite and offsite support services include:

- Lime dosing and system optimisation
- Quality testing
- Batch testing
- Product sampling
- Product specification
- Plant data analysis
- Dosing rig equipment testing and hiring
- Lime technical know-how
- Continuous process improvement


We carry out a full safety check of silos and bulk handling systems on site before the delivery of lime/limestone powders, to ensure they comply with MPA requirements.

This includes the inspection of filter sleeves, valves, protection systems, functioning audible / visual high level alarm, access to the discharge point from a maximum of two hoses, a unicone or storz connection in it's original condition and signage / plaque labelling the product stored in the silo.

We will also provide expert advice on breakdowns and routine maintenance, best practice maintenance tasks and routines for silo and equipment safety and improvements and additions to the existing equipment.


Remote silo monitoring offers:

- Tangible cost benefits and efficiency savings
- Round-the- clock visibility of stock levels for automatic replenishment
- (Real-time?) data for accurate supply planning
- Fast and efficient order processing

Working closely with leading Universities

Our Research and Development team is constantly looking for ways to improve and enhance the performance of the solutions we provide. Our customers are at the heart of this process. The better we understand their challenges; the better we are able to help them overcome them. This collaborative approach has helped us pioneer many breakthrough solutions, including:

- Non-expansive lime
- High reactive lime
- High purity quicklime
- AOD lime
- High surface area lime
- Liquid lime
- Fine to coarse particles calcium carbonate