Kalic HS Liquid Lime

A fast-acting ready-to- use high solids suspension (45% solids) with exceptional low viscosity and high stability, Kalic HS liquid lime is the product of choice for alkali treatment of industrial effluent, sludge and wastewater systems.

Kalic HS liquid lime from is the ultimate alkali treatment for effluent and wastewater systems. It is chemically stabilised and offers low controlled viscosity to enable easy and consistent handling characteristics, It is a readymade, stable suspension of calcium hydroxide in water (milk of lime). With typical solids concentration of 45% w/w.

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  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive
  • Quality assured
  • Consistent chemistry
  • High purity and quality
  • Safe handling and storage
  • Stable against settlement
  • Improves heavy metal removal
  • Freezes at 0 degrees
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