Glass Manufacturing

Both lime and limestone (calcium carbonate) are essential components in glassmaking, as calcium is used as a stabiliser that improves the quality and physical appearance of the glass. Quicklime (calcium oxide) can also be used where higher efficiencies and outputs are required during glass manufacturing.

Our Trucal limestone granules and grits are used extensively in the manufacture of float glass, container glass and glass fibre, and offer low impurity levels and consistent chemistry and granule size. While our Calbux quicklime is primarily used in glass fibre production where furnace outputs need to be maximised.

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Lime products used in glass manufacturing

Buxton Lime’s Calbux products are trusted by glass manufacturers to deliver the stability and performance required in today’s highly demanding market. Other benefits to glass manufacturing provided by our lime products include consistent quality, low impurities, manufacturing reliability and efficiency and bespoke solutions to meet any glass making specification.

Calbux Quicklime

Calbux Quicklime

The Calbux range is of consistent high purity and available in a range of reactivities to suit any quicklime reactor or slaking process.

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