Limbase Quicklime

Limbase Quicklime is renowned throughout the construction industry for consistent quality and performance.

Limbase Quicklime products are recognised throughout the construction industry for the stabilisation of weak clays, other marginal or excessively wet soils with consistent quality and performance. Limbase Quicklime soil stabilisation is a well established technique giving environmental, speed and cost benefits for many ground engineering projects.

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  • Proven strength
  • Easier foundation work
  • Less waste
  • Quality assured
  • Weather resistance
  • Good drying properties


Plans to build a new £30m aerospace research facility on the outskirts of Coventry required construction to take place on a site with a three metre deep foundation of soft clays. By treating the ground with Limbase 60 Quicklime and cement, groundwork specialists Geofirma Ltd were able to achieve the specified stiffness modulus of 50MN/m2 without mass excavation or removing materials offsite.

As a result both costs and transport movements were significantly reduced.

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