For over 100 years, lime has been used in hot mix asphalt (HMA) as a mineral filler and anti-stripping additive. Adding lime into HMA is proven to extend the life of a highway, in turn reducing long-term costs. It’s why road contractors and highway agencies across the UK rely on our lime products and solutions to improve performance.

When used in asphalt our high purity Limbux hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) enhances binder viscosity, increases stiffness, tensile strength, compressive strength and resistance to rutting. While suitable for use alone, Limbux can also be used with other additives to deliver optimum bulk density, consistency and resistance to temperature changes in asphalt.

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Hydrated lime products for asphalt production

Buxton Lime’s range of Limbux hydrated lime solutions offer a range of benefits for asphalt, including: Extending highway lifespan by reducing cracking, rutting and stripping; Improving toughness and resistance to fracture growth; Removing undesirable components from hot mix asphalt; The ability to be used either alone, or alongside other additives and Long-term cost savings.


Hydrated Lime

The Limbux range includes a comprehensive choice of high quality hydrated limes, including specialist grades to meet specific applications.

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